Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do you believe in Love?

Thanks to Matt, I haven't written anything in awhile, so I feel super inadequate and inefficient when it comes to writing, being that I'm not in school right now, and not writing 10 page essays every week.  I also feel super 'not-awesome' because well... Matt is an extraordinary writer, so I have to TRY and keep up.  (shh... don't tell him I told you, he might get all self righteous and stuff)

oh..shoot... urhmmm...

SO, I just finished reading "I believe in Love" by Father Jean C.J. d'Elbée. (Amazing book, read it)

Let's type about that... shall we?

It's mentioned that; Jesus loves each of us to the point of foolishness on the Cross and the glory of the Resurrection.

I guess I'm writing about this because for the past while (since I wrote my last post) I've constantly been feeling inadequate, incompetent, insubstantial (a lot of 'ins') dry, failing... foolish.  Even writing this post, I feel "in______ish.")

This sentence struck a chord with me because right now in my life, this state of being is constant almost everyday.  To know and to have it repeated to me once again that my Saviour who died on the cross for me, was ALSO thought foolish.  Not only in this action of being crucified for my sins, but also throughout His life...  He loved to the point of foolishness, ALWAYS!  How glorious!!!  If only us lil'uns here on earth would do the same!

It's not that we can't love to the point of foolishness, it's that we choose not to.  It's almost like we don't believe in the simple things like we don't FULLY believe in love.  I get so caught up in my feelings of inadequacy that I forgot the simple things.  I forget love.  I forget that my weak and wobbling ways don't really matter.  What matters is my love... am I being Christ to others?  When we live in this way, all the things we do wrong or poorly become perfected because we've entrusted them to the King.  Not only are they perfected, they are made beautiful.

It's so simple, but why is it so hard!?  All our Lord asks of us is to simply believe in love and love to the point of foolishness!!  We have the most perfect model of this kind of love... we have Jesus!  St. Thérèse of Lisieux understood so beautifully this simplicity that our Lord desires for us!  She not only understood it, she worked everyday at living it.  She knew that we are NOTHING without Him and that all He wants is our YES!


I sat down to write this post not really knowing what to to talk about and this came out.  Not as similar to Matt's blog as our first two posts, but alas, this will do!  It's also not as long as Matt's post, but alas, I have Youth Group to run soon.  Maybe also random-ish... but alas... my writing organization skills are not at their prime at this point in my life.

But I think, after typing out all my thoughts, I can conclude this brand spankin' new post with this...

it's okay to feel inadequate sometimes.  It's also okay to BE inadequate and to fail.  It's okay to be thought foolish or stupid.  It doesn't matter because this is how Jesus lived and this is how He died.  It is undeniable that we MUST strive to love in this way.  We MUST believe in Love!


  1. Thanks Liz! I needed that reminder today.

    I hope all is going well with your new job. God has placed you where is wants you and you are definitely adequate, competent and down right amazing!


  2. You're welcome! I needed it to eh?! haha.

    It's true, we must simply strive to do our best and be okay with it, because God will always work with what we give Him! We must strive to never listen to the lies of Satan!

    Thanks for your comment Kels!